butcher them carefully

Delighted to have a poem up today at The Poet By Day (July 24, 2018). My sincere thanks to G Jamie Dedes for featuring “butcher them carefully“! I am grateful to her for always supporting my work.

Click here to read butcher them carefully

Thanks everyone!

Photo : John Moore


to be is to bleed away

Delighted to have a poem included in the new release from Better Than Starbucks (May 2018 Vol. III No. V; print & online)! Many thanks to the editors for featuring “to be is to bleed away“. Another poem that takes root in Cuba and draws crosses under the moving shadows of José Marti & Ismaelillo.

Check out the 98 page perfect bound print version here

Click here to read : to be is to bleed away

Illustration: Ernesto García Peña

Thanks everyone!

if i can’t see the poem i write & it grows open

A poem for Asifa Bano entitled “if i can’t see the poem i write & it grows open” is up today at I am not a silent poet (April 16, 2018). Thanks Reuben Woolley!

Read the poem here: if i can’t see the poem i write & it grows open

Thanks everyone!

ars poetica in my paintbox slips through the shithole

Another poem of mine is up today (January 13, 2018) at I am not a silent poet. Many thanks to Reuben Woolley!

Click here to read : ars poetica in my paintbox slips through the shithole

Thanks everyone!

poems for Ahed Tamimi

Honored to have had my poem entitled “slap” featured today (January 6, 2018) in I am not a silent poet alongside works by Antony R Owen & Reuben Woolley! Below are the links:

The Slapping by a Palestinian Girl by Antony Owen

silence my dear by Reuben Woolley

slap, for Ahed Tamimi by Debasis Mukhopadhyay

Photograph: Al Jazeera

Thanks everyone!


where a song is always missing

Another poem of mine, “where a song is always missing“, is up at Duane’s Poe Tree (December 29, 2017). A nice ending to 2017 which was hardly prolific for me! Cheers & thanks to editor Duane Vorhees!

Click here to read: where a song is always missing

Thanks & happy new year to everyone!